Specializing in
health care and


Obtaining the information you seek

We may choose to utilize any of these approaches:
• In-depth interviews
• Telephone interviews
• Traditional focus groups
• Mini-groups

To satisfy these and other research goals:

Goal: Understand the current market
• Define current habits and practices among users
• Assess features and benefits of category competitors
• Understand interrelationships/referral patterns
among physician specialties
• Uncover and understand influencers and the flow
of decision-making among purchasers and users
• Assess the mutual influence of physicians
and their patients
• Assess potential product acceptability among
several levels of users within a specific area
of a hospital or professional practice

Goal: Identify new business opportunities or potential new products
• Identify unmet needs within a market
• Evaluate viability and competitive benefit
of products developed internally
• Assess the marketablity of products offered
by external developers

Goal: Position or reposition a product
• Compare alternate product designs or formulations
and understand the features or drawbacks of each
• Test usability of medical devices
• Evaluate product acceptability vs. competitive products
• Evaluate the impact of possible product enhancements
and modification

Goal: Promote a product
• Evaluate ad concepts
• Evaluate draft detail aids

To accomplish these goals, we offer these capabilities:
• Research design
• Development of discussion guides
and participant visuals
• Management of facilities and respondent recruitment
• Moderating and interviewing
• Analysis of findings
• Reports prepared at depth determined by client
• De-briefs and on-site presentation